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IP-ACM v2 Ethernet Door Module

IP-ACM v2 is a flexible, future-proof Ethernet door module that provides IT-savvy customers with a highly secure option to manage their security, while reducing wiring and installation costs. IP-ACM v2 is installed near the doors that it’s controlling and communicates securely over IP to an iSTAR Ultra GCM, iSTAR Ultra SE GCM and iSTAR Ultra LT using AES-256 encryption. The GCM contains the local access database and makes all access decisions. Each IP-ACM v2 can support two doors, or one door with in and out readers. Each iSTAR Ultra and iSTAR Ultra SE supports up to 32 readers maximum, and iSTAR Ultra LT up to 16 readers maximum. IP-ACM v2 provides a secondary Ethernet port to connect an additional network device such as a biometric reader on the same LAN segment. In addition, IP-ACM v2 supports 801.1X and TLS 1.2 secure network protocols for added protection against the threat of cyber-attacks.

  • * Cost-effective IP access control module
  • * Up to 32 IP-ACMs per iSTAR Ultra and iSTAR Ultra SE, or 8 per iSTAR Ultra LT
  • * Highly distributed architecture
  • * PoE or PoE Plus
  • * 10/100/GigE connectivity
  • * AES-256 network encryption
  • * Configurable offline mode
  • * Small, ‘office-ready” enclosure design
  • * Full duplex RS-485 on board to leverage future technology
  • * OSDP support fosters device interoperability
  • * Available as a standalone board or in a metal or ABS plastic enclosure
  • * Convenient second port for use with biometric reader or efficient network diagnostics
  • * Wet lock outputs provide up to 0.75A each, able to power most lock types
  • * Supports 802.1X and TLS 1.2 secure network protocols for added cyber protection