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EntraPass go Install Mobile App

The first of its kind, EntraPass go Install mobile app provides easy configuration of KT-1 and KT-400 controllers by scanning a QR code. The scan auto-fills the controller's MAC address and serial number, eliminating the need to manually enter the information thereby avoiding potential errors. Select from a list of existing sites/connections or create a new one to assign to the controller. Configuring doors to the controller using this app is a breeze. The app's setup includes pre-populated fields, which you can easily modify and label (e.g. Front Lobby Door, Warehouse Exit Door, etc.) to configure the doors. The app provides a wizard driven commissioning process that helps ensure that no device has been left un-commissioned. It also allows you to store pictures and notes which will help with subsequent visits. The app further eases the install process with the ability to associate pre-configured Exacq-compatible cameras and DSC PowerSeries Neo devices. > Watch EntraPass Go Install Mobile App in Action

  • * Kantech-easy mobile app for installers
  • * QR code provides MAC address and serial number
  • * Pre-populated fields make controller setup a breeze
  • * Easily associate Exacq video, DSC PowerSeries Neo intrusion panels, and Kantech card readers
  • * Commissioning report verifies successful setup
  • * Automatically save commissioning report with date, time and technician name for easy retrieval
  • * Store corroborating photos such as door, reader, strike and video camera in database for future service calls
  • * Significantly decreases install time for lower total cost of ownership
  • * Available for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play
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