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C•CURE 9000 Visitor Management

C•CURE 9000 Visitor Management helps businesses manage the identities, credentials and clearances of visitors - natively within C•CURE 9000. This enhances the safety and security of people and buildings by replacing paper-based visitor log books with a consistently standardized approach for physical access.

The C•CURE 9000 Standard Visitor Management option provides a standardized approach for physical access authorization through a formal visit and visit site policy management process. Authorized operators can then create and manage visits and process visitors from invitation through check out based on the visit site policy. The safety and security of people and buildings are enhanced by this consistent management of visitor identities including notification of individuals on an internal watchlist. As an integral part of C•CURE 9000, visitor information is automatically logged and available as part of regular business reports and or critical forensic investigations.

The C•CURE 9000 Enhanced Visitor Management option extends this standardized approach to visitor physical access authorization out into the organization enabling hosts to directly create and manage their own visitor appointments. By centralizing the visit and visit site policy, you ensure a consistent standardized approach while empowering authorized hosts the flexibility they need while ensuring proper records are maintained in C•CURE 9000. A self-service visitor kiosk is optionally available for visitors to use on arrive to check in and automatically notify the host of their arrival speeding visitor check-in and automatically logging information in C•CURE 9000. Enhanced Visitor Management also provides a Receptionist Portal which allows non-training personnel to easily manage the visitor lifecycle with minimal training.