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IdentyTech Solutions™ Palm Vein and Fingerprint Readers

Integrating the advanced biometric authentication of IdentyTech Solutions™ line of biometric palm vein and fingerprint with C•CURE 9000 security and event management system enhances hardened security requirements for sensitive areas within your organization. You can configure and manage the IDT readers as well as enroll and distribute biometric data to the IDT readers from the C•CURE 9000 software.

  • * Simply manage one user record for both standard access and biometric access
  • * Ultra-fast identification and verification with card, PIN, or palm vein/fingerprint
  • * Real-time communication with C•CURE 9000 for greater security and control
  • * Secured and encrypted critical information and communication
  • * 3.5 capacitive touch screen
  • * Support for iCLASS and MiFARE smart cards
  • * ProxPoint and 125KHz RFID tags
  • * False rejection rate: 0.01%, false acceptance rate: 0.00008%
  • * Easy installation kit
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