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C•CURE Visit Verified Identity using Civic

Software House C•CURE Visit Verified Identity using Civic secure identity platform helps businesses improve on-site visitor management with fast and secure identity verification within the C•CURE 9000 security and event management platform. This eliminates the risk and overhead associated with collecting and storing sensitive data on site.

Currently, many facilities require visitors to provide a valid form of identification. Traditional identity verification methods, like showing ID cards to reception staff, can make visitors feel that their privacy is not protected. C•CURE Visit Verified Identity using Civic, leverages advanced technology to enhance visitor privacy and to reduce the need to store sensitive personal information.

  • For Hosts
  • * Verify a visitor’s identity without the need to store extensive personal information, reducing the compliance overhead
  • * Better enforce required identity verification policy based on visitor or visit criteria
  • * Leverage this solution at staffed and unstaffed locations using self-service kiosks
  • For Visitors using the Civic app
  • * Opt-in to verify information, then securely share only specific details with an identity requester
  • * Control personal information at all times, stored
  • * No more carrying personal documents