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victor and VideoEdge 6.2

Extended analytic capabilities to collect even more object metadata from Illustra IQ and other cameras while gaining greater control over event-based alarm activation.

Axis cameras now included in victor Forensic Search

Extend the reach of your forensic searches using object metadata from supported Axis cameras. With extended support for the Axis VAPIX API, victor & VideoEdge are now capturing even more analytic metadata leading to increased situational awareness and investigative power.

Event Activator action to arm or disarm specific alarms

The Event Activator allows users to arm or disarm multiple linked events and actions for specific use cases on demand. This feature allows users to enable alarms when needed or to disable, reducing alarm noise and increasing focus on critical situations. Graphical map representation of event & alarm state enable operators to quickly identify system status.

Illustra IQ Dual Sensor & Illustra AI Object Classifications

The ever-growing portfolio of Illustra IQ cameras is fully supported on victor & VideoEdge systems. The Illustra IQ Flex Gen4 Dual Sensor Camera is ideal for applications that require a flexible, cost-effective surveillance solution that provides wide area coverage along with detailed images. The power of victor Forensic Search is extended even further now with the addition of Handbag, Backpack, Suitcase & Cart object-types. Quickly locate abandoned luggage or pair with other search rules to quickly find a person of interest or a piece of abandoned luggage.

victor Client Workstations Benefits

  • * Turnkey solution with victor Pro Client preinstalled speeds deployment and simplifies integration with existing systems and VideoEdge NVR infrastructures
  • * AD victor Workstations are qualified and validated under the most extreme test conditions to ensure the highest possible performance for victor VMS workloads
  • * Protected against cyber-threats by comprehensive multilayer security in accordance with the rigorous standards of the Johnson Controls Cyber Solutions Product Security Program
  • * 3 Year Warranty, including ProSupport with Next Business Day on-site service, provides additional protection and peace of mind