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VideoEdge TrickleStor

Connectivity loss is always a concern in IP video surveillance infrastructures. It can result from network failure, power outages, offline NVRs or basic system maintenance. By keeping a system updated, creating strict policies for video management, storing video locally on a camera, and keeping a back-up recording option in place, operators can combat potential video recording loss.

The VideoEdge TrickleStor feature with Illustra IP cameras provides a highly-integrated camera-NVR connectivity solution that protects against video loss by recording video locally on Illustra cameras. By recording directly onto the camera’s SD card when a connectivity failure to the VideoEdge NVR takes place, video is protected. When connectivity is reestablished, recorded video trickles back to the NVR and is placed seamlessly into video storage at the correct date and time. TrickleStor automates the process of media database repair, reducing the number of areas that a customer needs to be concerned about when a network communication failure event occurs. Guarantee the safety of your recorded video by having a TrickleStor solution within your video surveillance system.

  • * Automatically detects connectivity loss to instantly switch recording from the NVR to the camera
  • * Saves operator resources by immediately stitching recorded video into place when the network connection is restored for seamless viewing later
  • * Able to overcome several points of network failure (power outage, NVR out of service, IT maintenance) to ensure constant visibility to the security environment
  • * Integrates directly with VideoEdge and select Illustra IP cameras in a range of form factors
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