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VideoEdge Virtual NVR

The powerful VideoEdge Virtual NVR offers a pre-configured operating system (OS) and network video recording (NVR) software bundled in a single virtual appliance file, to simplify deployment and optimize performance into IT-managed facilities. The flexibility of this enhanced architecture allows virtual appliances, running on VMware® or Microsoft HyperV®, to support up to 1,200 Mbps on a single configured platform with industry-leading throughput.

  • * Enhanced Facial Biometrics support for up to 10K Identities.
  • * VideoEdge Virtual NVR optimized for rapid deployment and higher performance.
  • * Maintain cyber resilience via VideoEdge OS update to OpenSUSE 15.1.
  • * New C•CURE 9000 separate server integration for mixed critical access control / video applications.
  • * Person based re-Identification Intelligent Search.
  • * Facial updates include enrollment from a still image or paused video
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