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VideoEdge Software

Customize a hardware platform ideal for your unique security requirements while still benefitting from expansive surveillance capabilities with VideoEdge software. The greatly enhanced user experience provided by VideoEdge features an intuitive administrative client that reduces installation and configuration time. Leverage high-performance video streaming, audio, and analytic metadata on the commercial off-the-shelf hardware of your choice.

This scalable software solution offers increased versatility for performance, budgets and configuration preferences including chassis flexibility, RAID options, hard drive types and sizes, and redundancy. The advanced system architecture provides built-in dynamic bandwidth management with the ability to cap video data transmitted within the local area, allowing coexistence with other applications operating on the same network.

  • * VideoEdge OS built on openSUSE 15.1 for high-performance with network security
  • * Single OS/application intended for installation on appropriate COTS hardware
  • * Powerful embedded analytics save time while transforming data into business intelligence
  • * Auto-enabled smart search allows for rapid review of recorded video
  • * Utilize with victor Video Management System to enhance the robust VideoEdge infrastructure
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