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VideoEdge Hybrid Network Video Recorders

Protect your analog camera investment while adding IP cameras at your own rate with VideoEdge Hybrid Network Video Recorders (NVRs). These recorders are ideal for small to medium deployments where users need to easily view and export video for review and analysis. The hardware also removes the need for encoders, saving money and space, by transcoding video directly on the NVR in front-facing RAID or JBOD storage units.

Save administrator resources with powerful features like person-based intelligent search, narrowing down search time from minutes to seconds and gain the upper hand against potential threats. When you combine the powerful capabilities of victor with the intelligence of VideoEdge NVRs, you reach new heights in video management with actionable insights to save time, money, and lives. Leveraging high-performance smart video searching, video intelligence, and case management along with an extensive feature set, users gain greater situational awareness.

  • VideoEdge Hybrid 3U NVR
  • * Support up to 32 analog and 32 IP cameras, or 64 IP cameras
  • * 300 Mbps video recording throughput
  • * RAID or JBOD storage configurations in forward-facing drives
  • VideoEdge Hybrid 2U NVR
  • * Support up to 16 analog and 16 IP cameras, or 32 IP cameras
  • * 200 Mbps video recording throughput
  • * Up to 30 TB of on-board storage
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