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The Illustra Pro camera line is our premiere IP camera offering with resolutions from 2MP to 12MP and form factors of compact mini-dome, mini-dome, bullet, micro, fisheye, and PTZ. The Illustra Pro cameras feature advanced video intelligence analytics designed to augment the overall system while off-setting computing from the VMS. Select Pro cameras feature Smart Wide Dynamic Range, and Illustra technology that effectively reads the scene and adjusts overall scene balance without operator intervention.


With a variety of affordable form factors, the Flex product line includes features such as 120dB Wide Dynamic Range to maintain image detail in varying light conditions, motion detection for intruder alerts, and 3D noise reduction. Next generation high-resolution mini-domes, compact mini-dome, bullet, and box cameras feature Illustra IntelliZip, which provides intelligent bandwidth management to reduce video storage space without compromising quality. These cameras can be strategically placed to blend into a range of interior and exterior locations including a recessed mounting option for the mini-dome cameras.


Illustra Standard camera line up was developed with price sensitivity in mind. Available with the latest technology, the standard range is a sheer value for money range. High Definition Illustra Standard range is equipped with features like smart tracking, auto focus, Long coverage area this is suited for most of your business needs for medium to large projects.