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VideoEdge Deep Intelligence Network Video Recorders

The VideoEdge Deep Intelligence Network Video Recorder (NVR) provides the foundation for powerful deep learning analytics that will open up a portfolio of AItrained neural network models for improved security and business intelligence. Ideal for the hospitality, retail and healthcare industries, the NVR is pre-trained and will work for the majority of environments upon installation. The hardware offers highly accurate tracking and people counting from an overhead view by classifying humans as opposed to other objects in the camera’s field of view. The analytics engine can also track movement, loitering, entering and occupancy with confidence.

Additionally, the Deep Intelligence NVR features all the capabilities of the 2U NVR, such as VideoEdge TrickleStor, front-accessible drives, and triple streaming.

  • * A Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) optimizes the NVR’s ability to deliver highly accurate video intelligence
  • * Effectively track people as they move within an area of interest
  • * Analyze foot traffic patterns and consumer shopping activity with people counting
  • * Combine with the full suite of analytics available through the victor Video Management System to access insightful business data
  • * Neural network is pre-trained to immediately work upon installation in the majority of environments
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