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KT-1 is a cost-effective, yet feature rich one door IP controller, supporting two readers (IN/OUT).It has been elegantly designed with space saving in mind and is based on Kantech’s existing and highly proven KT-400 controller firmware. Features include multi-swipe functionality and support for 100,000 cardholders.
The entire configuration of the KT-1 is done via a single touch-sensitive button. No need tomanually enter MAC/Serial numbers. Simply provide an IP connection, push a single button and you’re done. With its innovative single button programming*,the KT-1 is automatically detected and enrolled onto the EntraPass security management software.
KT-1 has flexible power input including support for Power over Ethernet &PoE+ technology. Using a single Ethernet cable, the KT-1 controller connects directly from an Ethernet PoE-injector to the EntraPass system. This eliminates therequirement for a local mains power supply at the door, offering installation cost savings.
The KT-1 controller features a removable terminal clip and is extremely simple to install. From installation to system enrollment, the KT-1 controller can be up and running in minutes. With its Ethernet port for direct network connection, its PoE capabilities and single button programming, the KT-1 controller is the number 1 choice for access control installers.
The KT-1 controller connects directly to DSC PowerSeriesand other alarm panels enabling assigned users to arm and disarm alarm panels via the access control system. Using EntraPassvirtual keypad functionality, end users can also remotely administer intruder panels, offering users a powerful, integrated security platform.
Used in conjunction with EntraPass, KT-1 is compatible with EntraPass Web and EntraPass Go mobile applications for remote, convenient access. Admin users can securely connect via the web or a dedicated app on their smart phone/tablet and manage common security tasks wherever they are. This provides users with a superior access control experience.
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