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Sur-GARD Virtual Receiver SG-System III

SG-System III delivers complete auto-switching redundancy to provide backup. For example, if the primary CPM stops working, the secondary unit automatically takes over all duties until the problem is resolved. The System III has a built in power supply backup. Both the primary and secondary Power Supplies perform load sharing so in the event of a failure of either power supply, the alternate will automatically take over without any user intervention.

  • * Up to 24 line cards per System III receiver SG-DRL3-IP or SG-DRL3
  • Fully “hot-swappable” modules
  • Fully programmable via SG-System III Console software
  • Eliminates fixed-line hunt groups
  • Integrated scheduled receiver line card testing
  • Blocks unwanted communications
  • Requires less physical space
  • Upgradeable flash memory
  • Automation output over TCP/IP or RS-232
  • SG-CPM3-250KAHS - License Key for 250K AHS Upgrade
  • SG-INSTAL - Optional Sur-Gard System Installation services available