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Absoluta 42

ABSOLUTA42 Expandable Hybrid Control Panel for Medium-Size Installations With the ABSOLUTA APP in conjunction with an ABS-GSM module and a SIM with a flat mobile subscription (voice + sms + data) one can disarm, totally arm and set customized partial arming: A, B, C & D. It can also help in visualizing and perform the alarm, tamper and fault memories and check the partitions status, zones and their bypass. The APP allows Home Automation: Scenarios Activation.

  • * Up to 8 on-board zones
  • * Expandable to 42 input zones
  • * Up to 32 wireless zones
  • * Connect to 8 LCD or LED keypads
  • * 128 keys/tags
  • * 8 partitions
  • * Up to 6 on-board outputs expandable to 20