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B-TEL2 Stand Alone Voice and Digital PSTN Communicator

The B-TEL2 is a voice communicator and digital communicator in one. Use the listen-in capability to prevent false alarm.

The B-TEL2 is provided with 4 alarm channels in order to control many distinct events (intrusion and fire alarms). The user who receives the alarm call from the B-TEL2 and that knows the programmable user code, will be allowed to have a listen-in of the environment and decide consequently to block the alarm calls.

  • * Vocal dialer with 64 seconds of vocal messages
  • *Secure listen-in of premises
  • *Integrated multi-protocol digital communicator with programmable event code
  • *Remote control via DTMF
  • *Programming via software or integrated keypad
  • *Historical log of calls (255 calls)
  • *Power supply: 13.8 Vdc and 27.6 Vdc
  • *8 programmable telephone numbers for each channel
  • *19 digits available for each telephone number: possibility to insert pauses
  • *4 types of messages
  • *Alphanumeric keypad for operating control