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EntraPass Advanced Options

EntraPass Microsoft® Active Directory Integration Synchronization (LDAP)

EntraPass Microsoft Active Directory integration provides tighter system security and support for corporate IT user management and authentication. Based on the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), the EntraPass Microsoft Active Directory integration provides EntraPass cardholder record and EntraPass operator synchronization.


Video Vault

nstalled on the network, the optional Video Vault offers an alternative to manually saving each video clip one-by-one. Simply pre-define groups for the video clips (such as door forced open or rejected card) and Video Vault saves them to the appropriate group based on whatever schedules are chosen.


Redundancy Server

An optional Redundancy Server with a mirror database monitors all data activity on the primary EntraPass server and creates a real-time copy of the system database. In the event of primary server failure, the mirror database automatically launches


Card Gateway

The Card Gateway is an external interface where the customer will be able to make additions, modifications and deletions to the card database through Oracle or MS-SQL tables.