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Software House C•CURE 9000 v2.90

Describing C•CURE 9000 as an access control system is an enormous understatement. The way you are able to manage credentials and privileges is what sets C•CURE 9000 apart. Features like Area Control and Occupancy Management & Unified Access Control and Video Experience, enhances flexibility. AddItionally, coupled with the system’s powerful distributed architecture, makes C•CURE 9000 the leader in providing solutions to some of the most complex security challenges in mid to large enterprise applications.

The Software House C•CURE 9000 is one of the industry’s most powerful and flexible security management systems. Monitor events and system activities, create reports, display dynamic views,, view videos, manage personnel and visitors anywhere in the world directly from your PC using the full C•CURE client, the web client or on the move with C•CURE Go mobile app.
• OSDP support reader to panel communications on iSTAR Ultra Series controllers

• Supports up to 5,000 readers per single server and 40 satellite application server scalability for Enterprise systems

• Enterprise system remains operational throughout upgrade process with multi-version software support

• Access to C•CURE 9000 from any internet browser with C•CURE Web

• Administer and monitor C•CURE 9000 from your mobile device with C•CURE Go

• Software House Connected Partner Program for standards-based integrations

• Part of the Cyber Protection Program to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities

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